Our Team is Our Greatest Strength

We are a group of educated and talented people with all the skills to complete projects successfully. We commit to doing our best work – not only for ourselves but for other teams and accounting firms.


DISCOVER, LEARN, ENHANCE. Our team of young professionals is the cornerstone of our company. We care about each team member and promote innovation by providing ongoing training and a motivating atmosphere for self-improvement. Having the thirst for knowledge, our young team members always strive to enhance their skills and be top professionals of their chosen field. Curiosity is our drive. Having an endless appetite for learning, we know that we can always be better and pursue growth on all levels.


FOLLOW "ARMENIAN DREAM". We have brought professionals together and forged them into a team of dreamers who are ready to make a REAL impact on the businesses of the customers. Our dream involves residing in our homeland Armenia but at the same time collaborating with various accounting firms from the USA and France creating a win-win situation for the firms and the team.


ELIMINATE LANGUAGE BARRIERS. Unlike some other outsourced accounting firms, we value cross-cultural communication and in order to make our dream come true we are not only the real masters of our field, but we also speak English and French fluently and know how to communicate effectively to avoid misunderstandings during our collaboration.


ENJOY MULTINATIONAL ENVIRONMENT. As a team working for foreign accounting firms, we know how important cross-cultural communication is. We understand and accept all the differences cultures have and can easily cope with them. Our team loves working in a multinational environment, as it gives us the knowledge of people’s cultural backgrounds and keeps our minds open.


CREATE AN AWESOME TEAM CULTURE. We are happiest when we share our experience and unforgettable memories together. We emphasize supporting our team members in all the fields of their lives, including their passions inside and outside the workplace. We celebrate the success and progress of each individual together. We know how to work hard on common goals, but we also know how to party hard after the team’s achievements!