Financial outsourcing and BUSINESS CONSULTING firm

Welcome to our website. 

O2A was established in 2011 with the mission to help foreign companies to outsource to Armenia a part of their financial services. In 2017 O2A introduced marketing and business development support services to its customers.

Currently, O2A provides business consulting services to both Armenian and international companies.  Our International Clients succeed thanks to the cost cut and the high quality of provided services. Our local Clients benefit by virtue of our qualified staff and the practices that we gain during the collaboration with international and foreign companies.




Business advisory sector of our company is a full pull of knowledge and expertise gained through our experienced team and independent consultants. Our network of world class experts enables us to tailor our offer to clients’ specific needs.
Our consulting services include strategic management, operations improvement, financial systems structuring, export market development, marketing and business development.

We help our clients set up realistic goals and developing clear guidelines to reach them.


Everything starts from situation analyses. Our team identifies the  components most suitable for outsourcing in your finance department. Services range from simple everyday bookkeeping to part time CFO activities. Afterwards we have intensive training sessions to have smooth transaction period . Within short period of time, our team just becomes part of your company. We exploit the full potential of technology to add value to our international clients.



“For more than six years O2A has partnered with “Schanth” accounting cabinet and has provided a high level of services for accounting and bookkeeping. Based on the knowledge that the staff has had: deep knowledge of accounting principles, IFRS requirements and practicing English and French languages fluently helped us to grow the list of our clients, spend less time  handling client accounting and have more profit thanks to the cost cut that we had by outsourcing accounting to O2A. I would highly recommend O2A as a strong and flexible partner for any French accounting cabinets.”
This seems to be a French word. Never heard it before in English.

Jean  Baptiste Ozkirisyan
CEO of "Schanth" Accounting Cabinet

“O2A provides outstanding business valuation services no matter the complexity of the presented business. Their responsiveness and willingness to always exceed our service expectations, their deep knowledge of the different methods of business valuation has earned them a superb reputation in business valuation sector. The team at O2A provided a sophisticated analysis that allowed the board to fulfill its fiduciary duties, and that helped the transaction to close on schedule. Their valuations repeatedly stand up to the scrutiny of the IRS, foreign tax authorities and auditors.”

Daren J. Mesrobian
President and Founder of Vineyard Capital Advisors, Inc