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CPA firms have a dedicated team here in Armenia that will work seamlessly with you and your firm.They will carry on the same assigned duties as your in-house staff. 

Our company provides the overall management of the team here in Armenia. You will concentrate only on task delegation, as we manage HR, recruitment and IT of your firm at the same time handling the required equipment and office space.

Handling an offshore team will be very simple and easy. You will have the time to concentrate and provide more value to your business as we will be the ones to keep track of the team's performance and efficiency.

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Welcome to our website. 

O2A was established in 2011 with the mission to help foreign companies to outsource to Armenia a part of their accounting services. In 2017 O2A introduced business consulting services to its customers.

Our international clients succeed with us thanks to the high quality of provided services at comparably low cost. Our local clients benefit from our qualified staff and the practices that we gain during the collaboration with international and foreign companies.

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"Due to O2A, we have more time and energy to focus on the stuff we care more". "O2A delivers outstanding bookkeeping services to our company giving us more resources and time for our clients. The advantage of our collaboration with O2A is that our offshore team from O2A does not get distracted like the staff at our office who have to communicate with our clients frequently. ou can give O2A the tasks that usually require a lot of time from your in-house team to complete. In return, you'll get cost-efficient remote solutions, saved time and an offshore team that is always willing to exceed your expectations."

Raffi Yousefian, Founder RY CPAs, USA

“It’s a big advantage for us to work with O2A as they provide high-level services with affordable prices”. Nowadays, it's extremely hard to find qualified accountants in France for a long term perspective. There are alternative solutions offering accounting teams outside of France, but as a result, do not deliver what we expect from them to deliver. One of our friends told us about O2A, and we decided to try their services. We will never regret it! We love our O2A! They are an inseparable part of our team, just they are thousand kilometres away from us.

Lionel Handjian, Founder LHECC Accueil, France 

Our company is seeking professional consultancy and expertise engagement in the analysis of the market needs and international trends. We need to set up a business model with most production monetization possibilities and resource planning. With the help of O2A, we will be able to set up a marketing strategy that will attract visitors and customers with appropriate purchasing power. Business advisory scope includes a financial forecast for the upcoming 2 years. Furthermore, with the help of the O2A team, we are interested in evaluating the impact of the project for the city and draft communication strategy. O2A is very professionally coordinating cooperation between our company team members and experts involved in the project. As a successful outcome at the end of the project, we will come up with innovative solutions to ensure maximum product-market fit, and tackle COVID19 related challenges by empowering small businesses and the community.

Lusine Pivazyan, CEO North Axis, Armenia